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“Enjoy the Digital Age – With Cloudway SAP FIORI”
2019-12-04 03:35:02 Implementation Auther

SAP FIORI provides personalised, responsive and seamless experience between the devices to increase productivity and training cost to run business efficiently. The latest FIORI 2.0 comes with Belize visual theme instead of Blue Crystal Theme used before.

SAP FIORI 2.0 is an award winning new design concept to create an evolution in the user experience for business applications. SAP FIORI 2.0 launchpad is a single entry point to access all the business applications which enables you to go faster. SAP FIORI launchpad consists of three core areas namely Me area, workspace area and notification area which helps the user to go directly and quickly to the apps instead of going homepage and click on a tile to access a particular application.

Features of SAP FIORI 2.0:

  1. Merged SAP FIORI header.
  2. Text labels instead of icons on the Header Toolbar.
  3. Right aligned lables.
  4. Simplified icons within the classical applications.
  5. Floating footer
  6. New Floor plans.

Benefits of SAP FIORI 2.0:

  • Reduced Clicks 
  • Less No of screen change
  • Minimised Field Filling
  • Reduced Duration
  • Increased productivity
  • Timely notification and transparency.




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