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Ariba Coomerce Automation with Ariba Network integration allows you to digitally request price updates from your suppliers. Using SAP S/4HANA, always get the best market price for items you buy.Achieve substantial savings for your hybrid tactical spend. For some items you buy without contracts, fast cycle times are expected, so you don’t have the time to compare prices from a large number of suppliers, especially when the market is in steady flux. Quote automation improves your transactional efficiency. It increases tactical savings, and lets you discover new or better suppliers. With quote automation, you can quickly find new expertise to launch new products or new services in new markets, source in markets with low cost of labor, find quick replacements of suppliers where markets turn around quickly. It helps to support compliance in highly automated buying processes, such as "three bids and a buy". This is all possible while the subscription quickly pays for itself.

Value Proposition

  • Reduce spend by reducing the cost for your purchases
  • Increase price transparency with frequent digital quote requests
  • LIncrease your purchaser's productivity by automating the quote request process via SAP Ariba Quote Automation
  • Use your Ariba Network subscription for SAP Ariba Quote Automation at no additional cost
  • Implement this SAP S/4HANA scope item integration by following the SAP Activate methodology and SAP Best Practices, and reap benefits within days

Business Benefits

  • Create request for quotation (RFQ) of type Price Request from S/4HANA purchase requisition or from scratch
  • Automatically send RFQ to suppliers on Ariba Discovery for submitting their quotes
  • At submission deadline automatically receive supplier quotes in SAP S/4HANA
  • Award supplier quotes in SAP S/4HANA automatically after a deadline you set
  • Automatically create purchase orders in SAP S/4HANA from awarded quotes
  • Automatically update purchasing inforecords in SAP S/4HANA from awarded quotes