Procurement for Profit

Supplier Management

Cloudway brings SAP Ariba Supplier Management which provides a reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive view of supplier information and also scale up your compliance policies for supplier qualifications. SAP Ariba Supplier Management is the only end-to-end solution that enables you to manage supplier information, lifecycle, risk & performance all at one place.

SAP ARIBA Risk Management

Cloudway enables you to drive spend to preferred suppliers in order to reduce the risk at every step of the way from supplier onboarding to qualification, segmentation & performance management . With SAP ARIBA Supplier Management you leverage the unified & high confidence supplier record with integrated consistent supplier qualification & segmentation as per your business policies . SAP ARIBA Supplier Management also scales risk management & compliance to your entire supply base.

Supplier Lifecycle Management & Performance

Cloudway & Supplier Lifecycle Management & Performance provides procurement process integration to drive spend for preferred suppliers and scale compliance for your entire supply base. These capabilities provide with a single accurate supplier record & help you to operate with speed & consistency in the entire procurement process.

Benefits Of Supplier Management

  • 2-Way Sync With ERP
  • Seamless Integration With           Apps

  • Self Service For Suppliers
  • Vendor Master In The           Cloud
  • Matrix Based Management

Supplier 360 Degree Comprehensive View

Flexible Matrix For Supplier Qualification & Segmentation

High Fidelity Data Vendor Model In Cloud