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Cloudway with its proven expertise provides the integration between the business processes and the data of the different cloud applications, on-premises solutions and third party applications. Cloud integration enables the customer with pre-built integration flows which depicts the total picture in a go. With Cloudway’s Smart Data Integration capability, client resumes the power to replicate, virtualise and transform data from multiple sources and store them on HANA. Cloud Integration is an open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform. Cloud Integration offers a pre-built adapters to common the data as well as get the data from any source for a 360 degree view of the enterprise’s complete business process. Moreover, Cloud Integration technology securely transfers the on-premise data to cloud. Cloudway leverages the client with data and process integration expertise from SAP certified team. Cloudway focusses on providing the services to meet the needs of the customer with the help of an established pool of skilled experts.


  • Quickly and easily Integrate your SAP HANA Data in the cloud
  • Integrate Processes and Data.
  • Access a Deep Catalog of Integration Flows.
  • Easily Exchange Data in Real-Time.

Integration Process:

Cloudway provides the seamless integration for the various solutions like CRM, HRM, Procurement, S/4HANA and HR with cloud.


Transformed ERP

Real time process integration

Data Integration

Prepackaged Integration (iFlows)

Community and Marketplace


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Bring together people and securely access and share business content

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User Experience

Deliver personalized responsive and simple user experience at scale

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Securely integrate your cloud and on-premise applications

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Embed advance analytics into your solutions and gain real-time insight

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Internet of things

Quickly develop deploy and manage real-time iot application

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Tightly manage and monitor user access and security services

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Deliver Enterprise-grade native and hybrid mobile apps

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Business Services

Utilize Business Services from SAP partners and ISVs

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Runtimes & Containers

Leverage various runtimes and programming models

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Data & Storage

Elimiate the divide between transactions and analytics

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Increase developer productivity by simplifying development & operations

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Machine Learning

Power intelligent applications with machine learning