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Human resource policies are the formal rules and guidelines that businesses put in place to hire, train, assess, and reward the members of their workforce.




The ever fast changing market scenarios and the competitive nature of the business processes force the enterprises to present the raw data immediately for taking important business related decisions. In this case , the new version of the existing system helps the companies to optimize their existing business process as well as realise the new processes which bring the advantage for them in digital competition. Here SAP S/4 HANA( High Performance Analytic Appliance) proves to be the true partner for the enterprises to innovate by migrating their existing process to high performance and fastest platform HANA with new features and functionalities.

Cloudway with thorough planning and professional project execution provides the successful migration of the existing system to S/4 HANA for the enterprises. Cloudway has been an enduring leader in providing successful migration services to provide the minimum risk and downtimes to maximise the business benefits of the organisation. Cloudway’s planning-functional-go live and support algorithm manages all aspects of SAP upgrades and successful migration services. The migration to S/4 HANA brings the transformation of the existing complex business process to simpler & streamlined processes with easy IT landscapes.

Migration Options:

  • New or existing SAP customer implementing a new SAP S/4HANA system with initial data load.
  • Complete conversation of an existing SAP Business suite system to SAP S/4HANA.
  • Consolidation of current regional SAP Business Suite landscape into one global SAP S/4HANA system or selective data migration
migration options

CLOUDWAY Capabilities:

Cloudway has proved its capabilities in providing successful migration services to enterprises with minimum risk and reduced time in comparison to traditional migration approach. Cloudway brings the successful migrations through dedicated team, standardised processes for pre and post–migration support services. Cloudway expertise in providing global delivery solutions to ensure successful, robust and effective migration services which meets the need of the customer.






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Deliver great user experiences

  • Build and scale user interfaces that are simple, personalized, and responsive .
  • Minimize costly design rework and accelerate application development .
  • Use preconfigured application and design templates for fast and simplified development.
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Integrate cloud apps seamlessly and securely

  • Synchronize data and processes across cloud, on-premise, and third-party systems .
  • Securely collaborate with customers and partners at scale to improve efficiencies.
  • Integrate data from equipment sensors, remote devices, and online sentiment.
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Use a complete application development toolkit instantly

  • Run a cloud-connected development platform with no requirements for installation.
  • Simplify every phase – from prototyping and development to packaging and deployment.
  • Code and collaborate from anywhere.
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Embed secure social collaboration capabilities into your apps

  • Weave social capabilities and business data into the applications people use every day .
  • Access and share business content securely to increase team productivity.
  • Incorporate gamification concepts quickly into new and existing applications.
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Support high-volume transaction processing and Big Data analysis for less

  • Answer any question in real time with high-volume,
    high-speed ata analysis across systems.
  • Process transactions at any scale quickly and reliably without additional infrastructure costs.
  • Use a single platform for predictive analytics, geospatial processing, and data virtualization.
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Create, deploy, and manage enterprise-ready mobile apps quickly

  • Deliver complete and secure mobile app support on a single platform.
  • Integrate mobile app development and administration in the cloud with on-premise systems.
  • Deploy full-featured mobile apps with offline synchronization, automatic updates, and notifications.
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Move from sensor to action

  • Build real-time applications for IoT, machine-to-machine, and remote data synchronization.
  • Optimize core business processes with real-time predictive analytics .
  • Introduce new products and services by accessing interactive sensor data from remote devices.
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Power an open marketplace for new and innovative cloud applications

  • Choose from a variety of services to quickly create business-ready applications.
  • Speed deployment with rapid application development services .
  • Support customers and e-commerce with prepackaged applications and microbusiness services.