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Human resource policies are the formal rules and guidelines that businesses put in place to hire, train, assess, and reward the members of their workforce.



Probity is given the highest priority in Cloudway. In the conduct of Cloudway’s business and in our personal dealings that affect Cloudway’s business, we abide by the principles of honesty, openness and doing what is right and fair.

If a breach of probity occurs, Cloudway will treat it as a serious issue and take immediate action. A breach of probity violates our values and people who lose their probity lose Cloudway. It makes no difference who is involved or what is at stake because this is bedrock of our existence and the whole basis of an open and transparent organization.

This Probity Policy is applicable for

  • All Employees of Cloudway.
  • All the contractors of Cloudway are bound by the same principles of probity.

Organizations that provide contract employees must be given a copy of the probity policy as part of the agreement to ensure that their employees who are deputed to undertake any work on Cloudway’s premises or otherwise, remain consistent with the letter and spirit of this document.

(Note: In their dealings with Cloudway, all suppliers must be made familiar with the Probity policy as well.)

When a breach of probity occurs or is suspected, it must be investigated and closed quickly. Overlooking a breach of probity leads to ruinous behavior and is in itself, a breach of probity.

If anyone observes a breach of probity, it must be immediately reported to the Manager – Administration & Finance or the immediate supervisor. The investigation is to be carried out with speed, but not at the expense of ensuring fairness and properly securing company property or interests. Once the investigation is completed, the matter is closed and the audit trail is retained.


Integrity Policy