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Procurement Out Sourcing Services

It’s no secret that procurement transformation brings impressive returns on investment – increases in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, jumps in productivity, stronger and more strategic relationships with suppliers, and of course, substantial savings.

Consultants with Cloudway’s procurement advisory services group have helped dozens of leading global enterprises achieve ambitious objectives, helping restructure and revitalize enterprise teams with improved organization, processes and technology.

What if you could leverage the power of procurement transformation today and add no additional expense to your on-going cost of operations?

You can, with procurement outsourcing from CLOUDWAY.

Our procurement outsourcing infrastructure operationalizes best practices from across industries, purpose-built on a continually improved, state-of-the-art layer of tools and technology.

On this solid foundation, we incorporate the process, industry and category expertise of hundreds of practicing procurement professionals, the hard-won insights of more than a dozen years of field operations, and the continuing input from our clients – some of the most sophisticated and demanding procurement leaders in global business today.

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Infrastructure at Scale

Cloudway’s integrated procurement services reside on a solid infrastructure consisting of powerful technology, skilled talent, global operations, and industry and category expertise.


Cloudway is the only leading provider offering end-to-end procurement outsourcing, backed by a powerful proprietary set of tools and technologies.

CLOUDWAY provides a comprehensive, cloud-based eProcurement platform that streamlines and automates the entire source-to-pay work flow, including spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier performance management andprocure-to-pay.

Global Operations

Cloudway has pioneered a global operations model for delivering strategic sourcing and other high-value procurement services. With offices and operations centers across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we bring local market knowledge, global expertise and global economics to bear on your procurement objectives.

Using our unique Global Regional Integrated Delivery operating model, we leverage the capabilities, unique knowledge and relationships of Cloudway employees around the world – whether located on a client site, a regional or local office, or a global operations center. Our delivery network is supported by best-in-class analytical tools, a rich knowledge base and an SME network around the globe to deliver consistently high value to our clients.

Category Expertise

In procurement, expertise drives insight and insight drives value.

At Cloudway, we have hundreds of experienced category specialists in the field and many more in our extended SME network. Working with dedicated market intelligence and analytics teams, our sourcing teams manage more than $65 billion in spend for clients.

Their domain knowledge and subject matter expertise extends to hundreds of discreet categories of products and services across most direct and indirect, MRO and CAPEXcategories. At the same time, they receive timely intelligence from local and regional teams on the ground, when and where they need it.

All this is backed by proprietary databases of suppliers, specs and transactional histories, as well as some of the most powerful, most effective analytical, sourcing and supplier performance management tools in the industry.