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Human resource policies are the formal rules and guidelines that businesses put in place to hire, train, assess, and reward the members of their workforce.




The recent trend in the market forces the organisations to expand the business to meet the digital competition. This imposes the organisations with the challenges to revamp the existing business processes with a focus on maximising the benefits. In this scenario, Cloudway brings the system up-to-date with the latest service pack released by SAP. Cloudway offers a full end-to-end upgrade services right from hardware installation to the application layer for the organisation. Cloudway’s value preposition approach makes it to stand as a enduring leader for every selected upgrade approach.

Update Methodology:

The Update process provided by Cloudway includes the SAP Activate which enables to migrate successfully to latest version of the application.



  • Scope Analysis
  • Resource Estimation
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Methodology & Templates
  • Work Estimates
  • Gather Business Requirements
  • Complete GAP Analysis
  • Complete Blueprint Documents
  • Prepare Change Management
  • Build
  • Customization & Unit Testing
  • Validate Business Processes
  • Plan Cutover
  • Plan Training & Testing Plan
  • Transport Changes
  • Integration Testing
  • Defect Tracking
  • Complete Training Documentation
  • Cutover Domination
  • Execute Cutover
  • Quality Check
  • Start of Production
  • End User Training

Benefits of Cloudway Upgrade Services:

  • Reduced time and maximum ROI with Cloudway capabilities and assets in upgrade services.
  • No business productivity loss during upgrade process.
  • Detailed update plan including the new functionality, benefits and architecture.
  • Upgradation done in the minimum time-span to simplify the business processes.
  • Upgradating to the newest version of SAP maximises the system functionality and performance.
  • Full pre and post-upgrade support services provided by our team.
  • Organisations can analyse and take decisions faster when upgraded to the newest version of their existing system.
  • Real time data analysing, fetching and processing becomes faster when upgraded to ever fastest HANA platform.

Update to S/4HANA:

With Cloudway Update services, update your ERP to latest and ever fastest database of S/4HANA and leverage the benefits of the memory based platform.

S/4 HANA update