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Human resource policies are the formal rules and guidelines that businesses put in place to hire, train, assess, and reward the members of their workforce.



the best talent
for the Job

Cloudway's technology experience & market reputation enables us to attract the best talent and skillsets to help resource augmentation support & project team.

Business Overview

Cloudway Consulting is a world leader in providing Consulting, Implementation, Migration & Integration Services for Business Transformation Solutions & Technologies accompanied with Value Proposition Services for the customers.

As a prospective employer, you deserve customized information prior the few hours spent in a personal interview.US IT Staffing Services provide a 360-degree evaluation report with every one of our candidates before your decision for a phone or in-person interview

Cloudway is an IT Consulting Company, known for its best in class service for IT Staffing. We value your desire to choose the right employee for your company with proper use of your time and money.



Cloudway’s “Virtual DB” is an easy access platform to a diverse pool of skill & technical resources which allows to keep adding required skillset from clearly defined roles, competitive price & Flexible process.

Rapid growth with 100+ clients globally

Over 200+ certified associates assigned worldwide

Comprehensive set of service options

Matching Skills for your business requirements

Wide Industry Technical Roles

Consultant having over 8+ years of working experience


Access to Resources

Together with our in-house resource team of 200+ seasoned professionals, we also leverage the outstanding relationships with the seasoned professionals having niche skills which are hard to find in the market

Customer Service

Cloudway keeps customer satisfaction on high priority & makes sure that the requirements & objectives are understood in best manner.

Quality Assurance & Account Management

We understand the import- -ance of on-time delivery of skilled & most experienced resources, hence our first priority is always the quality assurance.